Graphic Vitrum

Natural suggestions

Graphic Vitrum is a special digital printing technique on glass consisting of seven designs inspired by nature, in line with our philosophy.

Cloud White, Fire Grey, Warm Black and Bronze are the background colours that customise each design and enrich the ways in which you can personalise your glass. Fifty-six variations can be obtained by combining the designs with the various colours and the two glass surfaces, gloss and matt, achieving an authentically unique and customised kitchen.

With Graphic Vitrum the kitchen walls become a vibrant narrative made up of evocative designs, details and emotions.

"I have always believed that beauty and good taste stem from the harmony of diversity and that nature has a lot to teach us on this subject. If we examine nature carefully we will find that it contains an unlimited source of inspiration and knowledge, as is revealed by the textures offered by Graphic Vitrum."

Gabriele Centazzo, Valcucine designer


Our proposals for your kitchen in Graphic Vitrum

Available for


 Artematica Soft Outline
Genius Loci

Genius Loci
Forma Mentis
ALBN Gloss | AOBN Matt
Butterfly wing Cloud White
ALGF Gloss | AOGF Matt
Butterfly wing Fire Grey
ALNC Gloss | AONC Matt
Butterfly wing Warm Black
ALBR Gloss | AOBR Matt
Butterfly wing Bronze
ELBM Gloss | EOBN Matt
Natural hexagons Cloud White
ELGF Gloss | EOGF Matt
Natural hexagons Fire Grey
ELNC Gloss | EONC Matt
Natural hexagons Warm Black
ELBR Gloss | EOBR Matt
Natural hexagons Bronze
​MLBN Gloss | MOBN Matt
Dry stone wall Cloud White
MLGF Gloss | MOGF Matt
Dry stone wall Fire Grey
MLNC Gloss | MONC Matt
Dry stone wall Warm Black
MLBR Gloss | MOBR Matt
Dry stone wall Bronze
​Important: the images are purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic features of the actual finishes. 
*Attention: check exceptions in the document Matching collection-finishes at this link.