Hood hole

Hood hole

How can I hide the hood hose if the outlet is in the wrong place?

When you purchase or rent an old house, it is likely that the fumes outlet will be in a position that is wrong for the new kitchen plan. The above examples give you three possible solutions to conceal the hood hose that is usually considered unsightly.

A - If a flat hose is used it can be camouflaged by a slim shelf. Valcucine does not recommend this hose because its has the disadvantage of being very noisy.
B - If a normal-sized hose is used, it can be concealed by an overshelf with a raised front edge.
C - Alternatively, a plasterboard beam or false ceiling can be built.

N.B.: If you are renovating a house we suggest you widen the outlet to a diameter of at least 12cm or, if possible, to make one in the right position for the hood to avoid the need for a visible connecting run.

Furthermore, great care must be paid to avoid using the exhaust pipe of the gas boiler or of the fireplace for the hood.

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