Steel Back Section

Valcucine’s traditional equipped back section in stainless steel is called the Steel Back Section.  It is designed to be an exposed storage unit that can be perfectly integrated into the worktop and can hold small kitchen utensils, containers and much more.
Paired with an 80 cm deep worktop, the Steel Back Section optimises ergonomics in the kitchen by combining greater visibility of the worktop and of the wall units with the practicality of keeping accessories close at hand. It is a modular and flexible unit with the resistance and professional performances of stainless steel.
We have created a narrow storage section that can contain and collect together some of the elements that used to be scattered around the kitchen.

Our equipped back section fully exploits all the space available and can even house plumbing and electrical connections that can therefore be moved away from their traditional position, offering greater planning freedom.

The  Steel Back Section is available in three versions: