Logica celata in gloss Warm Black Vitrum with Vitrum Arte:

Logica celata in gloss Warm Black Vitrum with Vitrum Arte

Disappearing scenes

Great aesthetic impact paired with unsurpassable efficiency for Logica Celata, the end product of brilliant research into making over space and reinventing ergonomics.
It’s available in the Bar, Kitchen - 96/101 and 80 cm deep - and Food Preparation models, each of which contains ideas and accessories purposely-designed to meet specific requirements.

Everything is within reach ready to be used in the most efficient and practical way. And when you’ve finished, it can all be hidden away behind the door that shuts flush with the underlying base units, making the kitchen look clean and tidy once again.

In this version, Logica concealed is offered with finishes in gloss Warm Black Vitrum customised by Vitrum Arte (Italic Lace design); gloss Warm Black Vitrum tower units. Genius Loci island with Distressed Copper and Absolute Black Granite base units; Absolute Black Granite top and drawers H8.