Logica Celata Bar Vitrum Arte Mendini:

Logica Celata Bar Vitrum Arte Mendini

The bar stands out from the other Logica Celata configurations because it is an all-Italian tradition typical of this country’s way of life, touching conviviality and intimacy and the public and private spheres.
The door opens to reveal Valcucine’s new home bar: practical, well-organised and complemented by all the equipment required for impeccable wine tasting, to mix up a perfect cocktail or prepare an excellent espresso, served as if prepared for a connoisseur. 
​Thanks to Vitrum Arte, designs can be transferred to glass, making each arrangement really unique. Like this exclusive designs, signed by Alessandro Mendini for Valcucine.

“Placing a sign on a surface is an action similar to writing. It puts that surface inside a story. The signs elaborated for Valcucine are geometric and do not claim to simulate the letters of the alphabet. Nevertheless, by adding signs and stylistic elements they make parts of the kitchen tell a story, establishing a friendship between the user and the kitchen itself. This special attention favours a more intense relationship based on sharing”. Alessandro Mendini