Forma Mentis in Black Flamed Walnut an MDi:

Forma Mentis in Black Flamed Walnut an MDi

The Forma Mentis kitchen composition stands out for its essential lines and formal minimalism, creating a clean and elegant ensemble without compromising functionality.
The doors are made of warm Black Flamed Walnut wood, while the top and boiserie are in MDi, and the equipped columns are in Lacquer Quartz Gray.

The tools, functions, and accessories are expertly organized within ample storage walls and boiseries dedicated to shelves, remaining perfectly concealed.
This arrangement contributes to a design layout where natural elements and technological solutions blend harmoniously, allowing the kitchen to establish a strong connection with its surrounding environment.

The doors are designed with beveled edges, a choice that combines aesthetics and functionality. The inclined edges not only give a modern touch to the design but also make it easier to grip and open the doors, eliminating the need for additional handles.This approach not only contributes to a clean and minimalist appearance but also enhances the overall ergonomics of the furniture to which the doors are applied.