Velata Door:

Velata Door

A perfect synergy between sign and function.

We have reimagined the classic display cabinet, dressing it with pure lines and refined aesthetics. The Vitrum Velato doors, with their delicate transparencies, barely reveal the soul of the cabinet. This is the beginning of a new journey, a path that renews the style of visible storage, intertwining surfaces, polished and engraved materials with the elegance of our Artematica glass doors.

The classic Artematica Vitrum door, available in the refined versions of Velato Fumè or Tattile Velato glass, with the enchanting textures of Butterfly Wing or Sea Breeze, enhances all Valcucine bases, doors, and columns. Always in harmony with all Valcucine collections, it integrates perfectly into every project, adding a touch of visual poetry.