Artematica Soft Outline with Vela door:

Artematica Soft Outline with Vela door

Artematica Soft Outline Vetro stands out as the synthesis of a design journey in search of pure volume.
It presents itself as a unique block, where the countertop, doors, and sides blend into a harmonious and continuous whole, adorned with an elegant metal profile.
A sinuous and delicate line runs along the edges, defining the volume and emphasizing the continuity of the surfaces, completing the kitchen's image with refined elegance.

The glossy glass Kamut countertop and doors, framed by a bronze copper profile, impart a discreet aura of luxury.
To this is added the special suspended element in Dark Grey Touch laminate, which introduces a touch of sophisticated modernity.
In accompaniment to the composition and environment, the Vetrinetta Anta Velata model: the Vitrum Velato doors, with their delicate transparencies, barely reveal the soul of the display cabinet.