Forma Mentis Black Tactile Elm and Lacquer:

Forma Mentis Black Tactile Elm and Lacquer

Forma Mentis is a symphony of contrasts and harmonies. Its bases shine in a glossy Bronze Lacquer, while the columns in tactile Black Elm Wood confer an enigmatic depth.
Its backrest and top, sculpted from the Natural Stone, Pacific Grey Sandstone with flickering and brushed nuances, evoke the very essence of nature.

But it is in the Glass Display Door that the magic comes to life. The engraved Smoked Glass is the stage where transparency and reflection dance, painting the kitchen environment with an ethereal and spacious light.
Behind the thin veil of glass, hides a mysterious interplay of gazes, an innovative interpretation of space and transparency, inviting to explore new sensory and reflective horizons. And when the Glass Display Door opens to the world, it does so with a timeless grace: a delicate touch, a whispered recess, or a firm grip, an irresistible invitation to immerse oneself in a universe of emotions and reflections.