Terra-Cielo shelving unit

The Terra-Cielo shelving unit conveys a feeling of total lightness that defines and divides spaces without creating a solid barrier: it still gives you an open view of the surrounding space even when it is used in the middle of a room to create different areas.

To respect the principle of dematerialisation, its structure is made up of vertical uprights in black anodised aluminium paired with elegant Gloss Smoky Grey Vitrum Velato shelves for a refined colour effect that adds personality to any room. Refined wooden accessories contribute to customising its configuration while adding warmth for a very
beautiful aesthetic result..

The Terra-Cielo shelving unit is secured to the floor and to the ceiling and, thanks to the various configuration options available, offers great freedom of arrangement.


The Terra-Cielo shelving unit can be fitted with a set of purpose-designed accessories.
Equipping this area can clear space on the worktop and in drawers and jumbo drawers as well. In addition to practicality of use, special attention to aesthetics and care to detail have contributed to the design of these accessories.