​Business, innovation, infrastructure:

​Business, innovation, infrastructure

The goal of continuous improvement of the kitchen environment is the result of constant research and development aimed at rethinking space and the way we experience it.
Cutting-edge solutions, unique features and innovative materials are born, the perfect synthesis of technical intelligence, aesthetic sense and respect for the environment.

In-depth knowledge of people's needs, continuous research and creativity: these are our constant tools for improvement, for pushing towards progress, for designing a better kitchen environment.
A way of acting to rethink space and the way we experience it through unique functionalities, innovative materials and multifunctional elements designed to make life easier.
We develop the ideas of today to become the solutions of tomorrow, with the highest standards of experimentation and in harmony with man and the environment.


​The Artematica door

Innovation characterises the main stages that have made Valcucine's history, starting from the Artematica model, which has fully entered the history of design thanks to its highly innovative and in some ways revolutionary contents.

Research has focused on the element that most determines the structure of a kitchen, the door, and has led to an avant-garde technical-designing solution.

The door consists of an anodised aluminium structural frame, made only with mechanical joints, and an aesthetic panel welded to the frame invisibly from the outside.

Artematica in Vitrum

Artematica is the protagonist of another historic and innovative step: the creation of an all-glass kitchen - Artematica Vitrum - a true milestone that marked another milestone in the world of design, so much so that it was exhibited at the MoMA in New York (2008).

 Taking advantage of the greater height of the glass compared to the frame structure, an invisible and ergonomic opening has been created at the top of the door. The glass appears suspended and gives a feeling of surprising lightness.


The dematerialisation in Riciclantica

The conscious use of materials, which underlies many Valcucine innovations, is the starting point for the development of the Ricicla kitchen (1996), later perfected with Riciclantica (2007).

Dematerialisation reaches its maximum expression here: the lightest and thinnest door in the world with a thickness of only 2 mm is inserted on the aluminium frame - resistant to water, steam and heat.