Work and economic growth

Valcucine has at its heart a commitment to a safe, healthy and productive working environment: the Pordenone headquarters fully represents this philosophy.
Designed by Gabriele Centazzo, the building is clad with special plates with an iridescent mirror effect, the colour changes with the changing light, this chameleon-like structure is "the forge" of creativity and ideas in constant evolution.

Flight and lightness, themes dear to the company for their message of freedom, are translated into evocative and elegant construction solutions: the large spiral staircase, the large atrium at the entrance, the installations with strong evocative power and so on.

In each workspace, the large windows open the mind and eyes to what lies beyond, cancelling out any sense of oppression.

"I wanted these large windows to the greenery outside to encourage observation of nature and its changes. A rainy day has different colours than a sunny day; hedges and trees are different in autumn than in spring. It may sound banal, but it is not. And, of course, those who find themselves enclosed within four grey walls have no way of seeing or appreciating them. Here, however, day after day, one becomes friends with a particular tree or a corner of a meadow... respect for the mabiente becomes, therefore, a stronger feeling: working in spaces conceived in this way, one becomes part of nature, feeling responsible for its history."
 Gabriele Centazzo

Training as a value to increase productivity and effectiveness.
Particular attention is paid to the organisation of courses, meetings and seminars at headquarters and in showrooms around the world, in the awareness of the importance of sharing our corporate vision in order to build a common basis on which to grow and evolve.