Gloss an Matt Lacquer

Colour Effects

After lacquering, for the Gloss Lacquer version, the surface is sanded using an increasingly finer grain until it is
perfectly smooth and achieves a high gloss finish (the degree of light reflection is expressed in gloss units: the higher
the gloss value the glossier the surface).

Gloss lacquer reflects the light as if it were a mirror, conveying the visual illusion of expanded space and making the
room look brighter.

The Matt Lacquer version contains some microspheres that create a slightly embossed effect on the surface

Our proposals for your kitchen in Gloss and Matt Lacquer

Available for

Artematica Soft Outline
Genius Loci
Forma Mentis
LLSW Gloss | LOSW Matt
Snow White
LLBG Gloss | LOBG Matt
Ice White
LLGH Gloss | LOGH Matt
Light Grey
LLGP Gloss | LOGP Matt
Pearl Grey

LLGR Gloss | LLGR Matt
Cold Grey
LLGL Gloss | LOGL Matt
London Grey
LLAT Gloss | LOAT Matt
LLEB Gloss | LOEB Matt
LLNE Gloss | LONE Matt
LLBR Gloss | LOBR Matt
LLGQ Gloss | LOGQ Matt
Quartz Grey 
LLGD Gloss | LOGD Matt
Warm Grey
LLFU Gloss | LOFU Matt
LLPE Gloss | LOPE Matt
LLBM Gloss | LOBM Matt
Mini White
LLTO Gloss | LOTO Matt
Turtledove Grey
LLGT Gloss | LOGT Matt
Earthy Yellow
LLRR Gloss| LORR Matt
Ruby Red
LLBA Gloss | LOBA Matt
Slate Blue
LLBS Gloss | LOBS Matt
Dark Blue
LL00 Gloss | LO00 Matt
Sample colour
Important: the images are purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic features of the actual finishes.