Gloss and Matt Lacquered Vitrum

A passion for colour

​Gloss and Matt Vitrum are the names of lacquered glass finishes obtained by applying an extremely resistant type of lacquer to the reverse side of float glass, which is the name of the most common industrial glass manufacturing process.

Gloss Lacquered Vitrum adds a great sense of depth to the kitchen. Thanks to its perfectly flat surface it reflects the objects surrounding it and is a good way to expand space by - for instance - bringing the reflected image of an outdoor garden indoors.

Matt Lacquered Vitrum is obtained by etching the surface to create a smooth, peach-skin effect: the surface becomes incredibly pleasant to touch and glass is perceived as a warm material.

Although glass is one of the hardest materials there is, it can still be scratched by materials as hard as, or harder than it, such as glass itself, crystal, ceramic, semi-precious stones and gems. Scratches are particularly noticeable on gloss lacquered glass while matt lacquered glass is more difficult to scratch because its etched finish rubs against the objects it comes into contact with, making them blunter so that they don’t scratch its surface.