Vitrum Velato

“Now you see me, now you don’t”

Vitrum Velato features refined elegance paired with an attractively mysterious appeal courtesy of yet another interpretation of glass expressed through translucency.

The application of a special adhesive film borrowed from the automotive industry creates a see-through effect. This detail has an aesthetic function that is also practical because its translucency means that the inside of cabinets ndon’t have to be perfectly tidy at all times. In addition to its transparency and reflections, Vitrum Velato gives cabinets a touch of visual lightness.

Moreover, the film makes the glass resistant to stress and, in the event of breakage, creates a surface which keeps the glass and any broken pieces from scattering all over the place.

For the Tactile Vitrum Velato version a special technique is employed to process glass and create an elegant surface, alternating smooth, satin-finish areas with contrasting gloss ones. Having etched only certain areas makes the glass surfaces vibrate under your fingertips for a unique sensorial experience.


Our proposals for your kitchen in Vitrum Velato 

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Artematica Soft Outline
Smoky Grey

Our proposals for your kitchen in Tactile Vitrum Velato 

Available for


 Artematica Soft Outline
Sea breeze Smoky Grey
Butterly wing Smoky Grey
Important: the images are purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic features of the actual finishes.