The eco-tech kitchen

We have worked on extreme door dematerialisation to meet requirements in terms of functionality and silhouette. Riciclantica stands for “lightness and resilience": the lightest door in the world fits into an aluminium structure that is water-, steam- and heat-resistant.

This makes it possible to plan kitchen layouts with wall-hung units, allowing for the utmost freedom of arrangement and movement and creating a durable and cutting-edge design.
Due to the remarkable reduction of materials used, combined with the eco-tech finishes, this kitchen is sustainable yet innovative, designed for those who pay a great deal of attention to their well-being and to living in harmony with nature. 

DESIGN Gabriele Centazzo


riciclantica vetro nero


  • utmost lightness and environmental protection thanks to the dematerialised doors and worktop
  • better access and easy maintenance thanks to the possibility of hanging all or some of the kitchen cabinets
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  • the doors are extremely resistant to water, heat and vapour
  • the upper edge is protected by an aluminium profile
  • the hinges are very resistant because the door is the lightest in the world
  • all the materials must pass strict quality tests before being approved
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  • the slimmest and lightest door in the world
  • the most innovative materials
  • the door is also available with pure, non-bonded, materials
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