Height of Suspended Kitchen Cabinets

Height of Suspended Kitchen Cabinets

If the sink is installed below a window, the householder can look outside and washing up becomes less of a chore and thus less tiring. One often gives up on the idea of the functionality and beauty of a sink below the window because of the problem of where to put the dish drainer (superfluous if a dishwasher is installed). Valcucine suggests two solutions: a dish drainer in the back section or a dish drainer in a pullout rack inside a base unit near the sink base unit. If the sink is fitted below the window, it will be necessary to make sure that the windows do not interfere with the tap. This can be ensured in three ways:

A - by installing horizontally or vertically-sliding windows;

B - by fitting the mixer tap exactly in the space where the hinged windows open;

C - by installing a fold-down tap if B is not possible. In this case a height of 13cm, corresponding to the height of the folded tap, must be calculated when deciding the height of the window sill.

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